Christians Caring in the Community – find us at 109 College St

Who are we?

St Matthews is a family church nestled in the heart of the Awapuni Community.  We seek to know and to follow Jesus the Christ who is the Son of God. By the Holy Spirit this relationship inspires us to worship, to pray, to give, to read and study the Bible, and to offer service and ministry in a great many different ways.

We are an Anglican Church a part of the Anglican Diocese of Wellington.

Who’s Who?

Rev Amy Houben – Priest in Charge

David Chapple – Vicars Warden

Tony Greeve – Peoples Warden

Anna Williamson – Office Assistant


  • Revd. Amy Houben
  • David Chapple
  • Tony Greeve
  • Jonathan Depree
  • Ann Whibley
  • Allen Miller
  • Michael Boddy
  • Heather Dilks

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