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Order by Monday 25 January for Pick Up Thursday 28 January


Kia Ora Friends and Neighbours,

Foodtogether is a social enterprise with roots going back over 25 years. We are all about supporting locals to come together to operate produce co-ops, where people get to know each, have fun, and access wholesale fresh produce at great prices. 

We have recently been offering a delivery service in Palmerston North and beyond and a website to order through.  These have caused some technical issues as we have attempted to offer a centralized system for the hubs.

The website has met a need during lockdown restrictions but we are now excited to refocus back into supporting our local community co-ops who will be promoting, collecting orders through a bank transfer system, packing, and distributing to an ever-increasing network of pick up points. This will mean that after a grace period of 2 weeks we will completely transfer the ordering and payment system from the website to the local co-op who will be in touch through a new Facebook page and email. This will also mean that we will no longer be offering a delivered option but focusing on building a network of local pick up locations that will connect people and save communities money.

Can you start a pickup point in your neighbourhood, reach out to the Vege Hub at St. Matthew’s, Awapuni, to see how we can make this happen.

 Driving our decision is the need to better serve local communities at this time with a community co-op where local people can come and connect as well as streamlining and improving the value of the packs so that everyone wins.

Please join the Foodtogether network and spread the word as we all come together around healthy fresh food.

 Phone:               06 355 2254

Facebook:         Awapuni Vege Hub



Vege and Fruit Box Options:

Gold Box $15 – This order contains 5-6 seasonal best buys of fruit and veges to feed a small household of 1-2 people for a week with fresh produce.

Kai Box $25 – This order of fresh fruit and vegetables should feed a couple for a week and includes our biggest range of products with 8-12 varieties.

Whanau Box $40 – Designed to feed 4 for a week. The Whanau Box has similar contents to our Kai Box but in greater quantities + occasional extras.

Pick Up Points:

A). St. Matthew’s Anglican Church (MTS), 109 College Street, Awapuni, Palmerston North, Thursdays between 11:00am and 12:00noon. Phone: (06) 355 2254

B). Te Tihi Whanau Ora (TT), 200 Broadway Ave, City Centre, Palmerston North, Thursdays between 1:30pm and 4:30pm. Phone: (06) 560 3405

C). Te Patikitiki Library (TPA), 157 Highbury Ave, Monrad Park, Palmerston North, Thursdays between 11:30am and 4:30pm.  Phone (06) 357 2180

How to Order:

  1. Choose a vege/fruit box ($15 box, $25 box, $40 box). Contents for the week will be posted to our Facebook page and emailed each Friday morning (emailed address required).
  • Pay either in cash during Vege Hub open hours (Thursdays 11:00-12:00noon for delivery the following week) or via internet banking.  Pre-payment is essential.
  • Set up the internet payment to:

Awapuni Vege Hub:

Account Number 03-1519-0040986-000

In the Reference Details include:

  • Your name (J.Bloggs)
  • Pick up location (abbreviate if necessary, MTW for St. Matthew’s, TT for Te Tihi Whanau Ora, or TPA for Te Patikitiki Library)
  • Contact phone/cell number (038 456 789)
Order Reference Details

Orders must be in before Monday midnight.  Your order will be processed, packed, and available for collection Thursday from your chosen pick up point. 

If an order is not collected, and no prior arrangement is made, the order will be donated.

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