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The Season of Lent 2021

Beginning on Ash Wednesday (Wednesday 17 February) and lasting for 40 days, Lent is a season of fasting and penitence in preparation for Easter (Holy Week).

Common practices during Lent are:

  • Adopting a new prayer rhythm
  • Participating in an individual or group Lent Study
  • Giving to the poor
  • Fasting (from food, or a habit, or a way of thinking)
St. Matthew’s Lent Study 2021

This year we are offering a 6 week small group study called ‘Rebuilding the Ancient Ruins’. What new world might we see when we listen for God’s invitation to rebuild the ruins? Join us for Lent 2021 as we look at the ruins in our lives, our Church, and our world – and seek God’s direction as we rebuild what has been destroyed.

Booklets contain the following topics:

  1. Ancient Ruins
  2. Housing Ruins
  3. Bi-cultural Ruins
  4. Creation Ruins
  5. Church Ruins
  6. Rebuilding the Ruins

Dates and times of meeting will be posted early February. Please feel free to call our office if you are interested in joining a small group.

Holy Week 2021

  • Monday 29 March – Monday in Holy Week
  • Tuesday 30 March – Tuesday in Holy Week
  • Wednesday 31 March – Wednesday in Holy Week
  • Thursday 1 April – Maundy Thursday/Te Taite Mone
  • Friday 2 April – Good Friday/Te Paraire Pai
  • Saturday 3 April – Holy Saturday/Rahoroi Tapu
  • Sunday 4 April – Easter Day/Te Ra o te Aranga

Dates and times of Holy Week services will be posted early February. Watch this space.

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