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EZZE Meals

St Matthews has been an outlet for EZZE meals since 2000. The concept was started by Fr Des Britten when he was City Missioner in Wellington. He saw it as a way to provide economic quality meals like we used to have at home – readily available to people who could not, or did not, want to cook their own. The same philosophy continues today.
He started a factory in Titahi Bay which is still the place where EZZE meals are produced.

They are frozen and shipped by road to our freezers where they are stored ready for sale.
The range of meals available varies from time to time, and the present menu is as attached. It is hoped to reintroduce desserts again in the near future.

The larger meals are 400 grams and cost $9.00 and the lighter ones are 300 grams and cost $6.00

St Matthews sells these meals on site every Tuesday from 4pm – 5pm, and Thursday from 11am to 12 noon. For an additional $2.50 deliveries can be made to your home on either a Wednesday or Friday morning. This is the same cost for one meal or 10, so you can have one delivery and stock up your freezer.

Meals can be heated in the microwave or a conventional oven.

See brochure for range of meals


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